Mutant Chronicles DVD/ Bluray Released

Here is the full list of extras on the DVD’s of Mutant.
Standard def DVD

Commentary with Simon Hunter (Director) and Ron Perlman (Actor)

The Making of Mutant Chronicles: A Documentary
Deleted Scenes
Green Screen & Storyboard Comparisons
Promotional Teaser Short film - Commentary with Director, Simon Hunter On/Off
Making of Promotional Teaser Short film
Interviews with Cast and Crew
HDNet: A Look at Mutant Chronicles
Concept Art
Visual Effects
Comic-Con Panel Q&A
Mutant Chronicles Trailer

Blu-ray DVD as above but on a single disk.

Simon commented “a huge amount of work has been put in by Magnolia and many others for the US DVD of Mutant. It is the better of the two cuts of the movie and has a wealth of really quality extras and behind the scenes footage. I urge anyone who is interested in how we made the movie as well as fans of the movie to import THIS version from the United States.” Click on the dvd covers (above) to link through to Amazon and order!