Visions of Future Past

ocean dreams

dawn of creation

augur of apocalypse

seas of tranquility

journey to the void

the history of time

Released in 2022 Visions of Future Past is Richard's first album using his new Haken Continuum and a bespoke plugin chain of harmonisers, frequency shifters and deep reverbs.

Being Human Series 3 Original Soundtrack

wolf shaped bullet

werewolf attack

sasha's door

you made me human

The Being Human Series 3 Soundtrack is available now from iTunes, Amazon and all good download stores, as either individual tracks or as a complete album. It contains over 45 minutes of original score and features all the main themes from the Series 3, along with a few selected horror and ambient cues.

For samples please listen to the tracks on this page and also on the Being Human Series 3 Film & TV page. 


Mutant Chronicles Original Soundtrack

take off

night before

mutant attack

give me twenty men

The Mutant Chronicles soundtrack was released in June 2009 to some excellent reviews.

The score features several unusual instruments including Richard's specially prepared piano, lute, theorbo, ethnic winds, massed erhus, a chuck-chuck tang and a 40 piece orchestra recorded in the main hall at Air Lyndhurst.

"A score simply isn't this good by accident" - Keeping Score by Tom Hoover

Being Human S1 & 2 Original Soundtrack

being human theme

a wonderful thing

annie's door

annie's theme

holding on


spread a little joy


gilbert's door

The Being Human Series 1 and 2 Soundtrack is availableon CD from Sliva Screen Records, Amazon, etc and individual tracks or the complete album can be downloaded from iTunes for a reasonable price!

The album contains the main themes from the first two series as well as some more horrific and sound-designery numbers. Track listing and exerpts can be heard on Silva Screen's website.

The album has recieved great reviews. There are some examples on the Reviews page.

The Dark Mind

countdown to action

tears of the past

flight to nowhere

hunters moon

Released in conjuntion with Vivid Minimalism through the Scoring House, two albums exploring the darker side of life.


spirit world

celestial cosmos

without a trace

titles night hunter

Viral is Richard and Robert Foster's latest library album collaboration. Featuring dark electronica mixed with tortured Cristal Baschet, prepared piano and found objects. 


Altered States

dark predator

the cavernous deep

whale depths

mind hammer

Altered States was Richard and Robert Foster's 1st library album collaboration. They took an old grand piano into Air-Edel studios, Plucked it, scraped it and dropped the iron doorstopper on it! This sampling session formed the basis for Altered States and to the weird soundscapes they had created, they added cello, electric cello, guitar and various other acoustic sound sources, which were then heavily treated with digital FX. 



pursuit of evidence

pulsing threat

clear view

pulse of time

An altogether gentler outing, Nearfield was created for Scoring House by Richard and Robert Foster to illustrate how music can work with close-ups.