Total War: Warhammer 2

Described by PC Games as "The greatest strategy game of all time," Total War: Warhammer 2 introduces High Elves, Dark Elves, Lizardmen and the murine Skaven to the Warhammer universe, in a breathtaking campaign of exploration, expansion and conquest across the New World.

Richard worked as one of the composer team under the guidance of Creative Assembly's Richard Beddow, to help create the epic soundtrack of Warhammer 2, which was nominated for "Best Game Music 2017" by Hollywood Music in the Media awards.


X-Com Apocalypse

X-Com Apocalypse was the third installment in the extremely successful X-Com series. It was also the first of the series to use realtime instead of turn based moves.

Research into alien technology and its use in developing ever bigger and better weapons, was a crucial to the players success.

Music plays an important role in the game in setting the dark tone and establishing the uncertainty and unpredictability of the alien threat. 

Lego Island 2

The Brickster is back and out to cause more mischief in this wild, racing, chasing, island-hopping sequel. In your quest to piece together The Infomaniac's Constructopedia, you'll drive, sky-dive, scuba-dive, fly a plane and even ride a dinosaur as you chase the Brickster down to the final showdown on OGEL Island.

Lego Island 2 was composed with Dave Punshon, using Microsoft's now defunct Direct Music engine. In return for 8 levels of rather crude music interactivity the composer was only able to use a tiny 4 meg sound bank to drive each level. These tracks, use the original sounds from the game. 

TWB: Kingdom

Construct, Conspire, Conquer. Set during the chaotic turn of the 10th century, the world starts to emerge from the Dark Ages divided and at war. Stepping from the ruins, you start as a young noble and must restore your lands, recruit your army and contest the throne. 

Richard was delighted to be part of the composer team that helped bring the 10th century to life for Creative Assembly. 


Gangsters 2

Gangsters 2 was Eidos'  follow up to their successful 1998 Gangsters game, also scored by Richard with Dave Punshon.  

Apart from the theme, the music in Gangsters 2 was used to emphasise specific threats and events, which often could not be seen on the normal isometric city view. These short stings could cause a certain amount of fear and frantic map swapping, because the player knew something bad was about to happen, but didn't not know where or when it was going to occur. Every car was suddenly a potential drive-by, everyone on the street a possible assassin. 


Darkseid, the most evil being in the galaxy, has enlisted the aid of Lex Luthor in his quest to destroy the Man of Steel and take over the world. By providing Luthor with highly advanced Apokoliptean weapons technology, Darkseid has enabled him to create an army of nearly unstoppable Interbots - packing serious firepower.

The world's greatest superhero must accomplish what no mere mortal ever could: turn back the irrepressible forces of evil and save our planet!

Superman was scored electronically by Richard and Dave Punshon for the French publisher Infogrames. 


For a week the world watched and waited as an unstoppable plague swept America. As devastation spread, a cult was born. Calling themselves the Faithful, they preached the coming of the plague and foretold the demise of mankind. They offered absolution in the name of the BROOD. Embrace the true faith or suffer damnation.

With your team of eight covert operatives you must destroy the insane cultists before they can spread the plague across the globe. Are you ready for an all out war against the mutated nightmare army of the BROOD?

Abomination was released in 1999 by Eidos and made by Hothouse Creations in Bristol.


The Bitmap Brothers brilliant anarchic real-time strategy game.

"A brilliant strategy game. A testament to the quality of the game is the fact that people keep fighting over machines to play. Like C&C, only harder, more strategic and more intense" - PC ZONE - 92%

Richard and Dave wrote the cutscene music.