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don't look down

In the forest


A Brother and his Sister go missing under mysterious circumstances in the Missouri backwoods in Michael Bartlett's intriguing atmospheric thriller.

Described by The Dead Timez Magazine as "One of the most thought provoking films of the year...An intense and original masterpiece that gives you everything you could ask for in a horror film."

Being Human Series 5



crumb feeds


The fifth and final series of Being Human sees Hal, Tom and Alex settled into the house but about to confront the ultimate evil in the shape of the Devil.

Await FI




a plan


After a mysterious black substance covers their house on Christmas day the Milgram family turn on their TV desperate for information only to be confronted by the words "Stay indoors and Await Further Instructions."Becoming ever more paranoid they start to turn on each other.

Brilliantly directed by my late friend the much missed Johnny Kevorkian. 




baby jude

wok hex

Behind the curtains of their north London home four flatmates hide a secret, which has fostered the strongest of bonds – they are members of a witches coven and spells are the thing they do best!

Mutant Chronicles

take off

night before

mutant attack

give me twenty men

Simon Hunter’s action/ horror movie Mutant Chronicles stars Ron Pearlman, Thomas Jane and John Malkovich. It tells a futuristic tale set in 2707, infused with steam punk aesthetics.

As well as orchestra the score features a plethora of unusual instruments. The music has received excellent reviews and was voted the second best movie/ TV soundtrack of 2009. 


scissor sister


van attack

boys will be girls

Doghouse is Richard's third collaboration with Jake West. A group of men (Danny Dyer, Stephen Graham and Noel Clarke) travel to a remote village in the English Countryside for a boys weekend, only to find out that all the women in the village have been turned into ravenous man eaters!

The score was recorded in Studio 1 at Air-Lyndhurst and mixed in L.A. by the incomparable Mark Curry at his Friarworks Studio.


ong-bak theme

the last fight



Thai stuntman Tony Jaa makes his stunning debut in this award winning martial arts action film directed by Prachya Pinkaew.

Richard's score was written in 2005 for Contender Entertainment's UK theatrical release of Ong-bak.

Being Human Series 3

thank you



breaking up

Being Human returns for a monster third season, with Mitchell, George and Nina relocated to Barry in Wales and Annie stuck in purgatory. Werewolves, vampires and even a zombie inevitably interfere with their attempts to lead a normal life.