The Bridge Trilogy

The Bridge is a Nordic crime noir television series created and written by Hans Rosenfelt. The series starts with the discovery of a body on Oresund Bridge exactly half way between Denmark and Sweden. The body is sawn in half neccessitating a joint Danish and Swedish investigation, lead by Sweden's Saga and Denmark's Martin Rohde. 

Warrior King

"The Warrior King " aka "Tom Yum Goong" tells the story of Kam (Tony Jaa), a simple village boy, who is forced to travel to Australia when one of his precious elephants is stolen. With the help of a Thai policeman Kam uncovers a gang lead by the evil Madame Rose and has to take on all who stand in his way.

The Warrior King trailer was written for the UK release of Tony Jaa's follow up to Ong-bak. Music by Richard and Phil Sawyer.